Committee Meeting Agenda-November 16, 2015

AGENDA for Meeting on November 16, 2015
Yuka Ohta’s House
Call- in Option:
Dial-in:  571-447-5666
Code:  011138#

This connection can host up to 20 people


  1. Introductions
  2.  Don’t Panic: This is only a recommended budget by a taskforce (An explanation of the budget planning process)
    1. My conversation with Sandy Gibbs Knox, formerly of Fairfax Flags (What is Fairfax Flags?)
    2. This is just a recommended budget
    3. Dr. Garza is putting her proposed budget together in December. It will be made public January 7th
    4. Unlikely that Immersion will be cut from the budget, based on my conversation with Sandy Gibbs Knox
    5. However, we need to make sure our voice is heard before the budget comes out.
  3. What Can We Do? – Action Plan BEFORE Dr. Garza’s budget comes out
    1. Budget Tool Online
    2. Create an e-mail template to Dr. Garza (and cc our District Representative) explaining why immersion is important to us
      1. Make it personal, short, and non-confrontational
      2. Email to & cc: (Drainesvillle School District Elected School Board Member for BOTH Fox Mills and Great Falls)
      3. Get as many people as possible to send in emails before mid-December. Disseminate email-template to alumni, parents of alumni, etc.
      4. Figure out a way to track these emails so we know how many we are sending
    3. Sign petition to save Immersion
    5. Join Fairfax Flags on Facebook- They will be leading the broader battle. They will tell us if we need to go to the January 25th meeting, and will be coordinating the effort.
  4. AFTER the proposed budget comes out
    1. If Immersion is taken out, then the battle begins! Fairfax Flags should be providing guidance and planning the presence that is required at the budget meetings, writing emails, protesting, etc.
    2. This is when we ask our contacts to speak at the January 25th meeting, so keep those names in the back of your mind.
    3. If Immersion is NOT taken out, we still need to monitor if any amendments propose to take Immersion out.
    4. February 4 is when the budget it adopted
  5. The REAL BATTLE: How to get the Superintendents and Fairfax County to Fund Our Schools
    1. This is the next step, because if Dr. Garza cannot get the funds she needs, she will have to cut programs
    2. Fairfax County with advertise their highest tax rate in February. They cannot go higher than the advertised rate, but will lower it if there is not enough support for it
    3. Before March 1st, we need to bombard the Board of Supervisors with letters, emails, etc, to keep the highest tax rate possible to ensure that the schools are funded.
  6. Brainstorming
    1. Draft email template
    2. Outreach to the community: letters to the editor, other public forums to spread the word
    3. Start thinking of individuals to represent Japanese Immersion at the meeting if we need it—in coordination with Fairfax Flags
    4. Do we have a contact for the Japanese Embassy for a letter or email to Dr. Garza before mid-December?
    5. Other ideas?