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Fall Fundrasing Campaign 2017

This is the one time of the year that the JCC asks you to help raise some funds so that we can continue to support the Japanese immersion program and promote Japanese language and cultural learning throughout the school year.   Funds will also be used to host Japanese students and teachers from Eisugakkan (our Japanese Sister School).

Our goal is to raise $2,000 by October 10.  Click HERE to donate.

Here are some of the ways your generous contribution will be spent:

1) Welcoming events and school gift for Eisugakkan
2) Japanese Art Project
3) JCC Social & Advocacy Events
4) Classroom Support
5) Junior Japan Bowl
6) Supporting the JCC website

We accomplished so much last year and hope to carry on that momentum into this school year.

To learn more about our activities, some new and some not, please visit our website:

We thank you for your support

Fall Fundraising Campagin

For the first time, the JCC is asking you to help raise some much-needed capital so that we can sponsor a social event in honor of the Eisugakkan (our sister school in Hiroshima, Japan) students and teachers who will be visiting us in mid-October, and Japanese language and cultural enrichment activities for students attending the Japanese immersion program at GFES throughout the school year.   Our goal is to raise $3,000 by October 15.

Click HERE to donate!

Here are some of the ways your generous contribution will be spent:  1) Welcoming events for visiting Eisugakkan (our sister school in Hiroshima, Japan) students and teachers; 2) Japanese Art Project; 3) JCC Social Events; 4) Classroom support; 5)  Supporting the JCC website.

To date, JCC events and activities have been funded and operated solely by a handful of generous parents.  We would like to take this opportunity to spread the burden a little bit so that the JCC can continue to bring more exciting and engaging activities that will encourage students’ love of learning Japanese.  Please consider donating cash through this campaign or your time by volunteering at one of our upcoming events.