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J-LEARN is a coalition of organizations and individuals who want to ensure that a new generation of Americans will always have the opportunity to learn Japanese language and culture in our public schools. We aim to be the resource hub for educators and families interested in supporting and advocating for Japanese language and cultural education in their schools. Check back regularly for more information.

J-LEARN Seminar: Supporting the Future of Japanese Language Education in the US

On November 5, 2017 at the George Washington University Cloyd Heck Marvin Center, J-LEARN will co-host a seminar that will discuss the current state of affairs with respect to Japanese language education in the Greater Washington DC region (to include VA Beach) in cooperation with J.LIVE Talk.  

Through this seminar, we hope to reflect on why studying Japanese is important, examine who is currently studying Japanese, address opportunities and challenges to Japanese programs, and discuss ways in which advocacy for preserving such language programs can be improved. 

By bringing together students, parents, educators and key stakeholders with an interest in Japan and Japanese to discuss the importance of continuing, preserving and promoting Japanese language education in the US, we hope to fine tune advocacy techniques and strategies in order to build a more robust advocacy toolbox. 

The Seminar agenda can be found below

Agenda-Japan Friendship Seminar 2017 vers.3.xlsx

More information about J.LIVE Talk 2017 can be found HERE.


J2B 2017: Congratulations GFES!

On May 5, 2017, students from Great Falls ES and Fox Mill ES went head to head in Championship Round of the first annual Junior Japan Bowl Competition.  Each school sent a three-person team to represent thier school in the Level 1 Division (Grades 1-3) and Level 2 Division (Grades 4-6).

GFES Level I J2B Team consisted of:  Eric Loizeau (3), Maya Rodriguez (3) and Sana Rodriguez (1)
GFES Level 2 J2B Team:  Claire Kim (5), Bahiyyeh Aghdasi (5) and Julia Moore (6)

After a heated contests, the Level 1 team took home the championship trohpy and the Level 2 team took home the runner’s up trophy.

Great job everyone!