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GFES and the Eisugakkan Elementary School of the Hiroshima Kake Educational Institution in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan established an education exchange program to promote international cooperation, advancement of education and cultural understanding of our repsective countries in March 2006. Both sides are committed to meeting the following objectives and adopting the following principles:
1.Establish an exchange program for scholars, teachers, and studetns between the two schools
2.Promote educational development and mutual friendship through the exchange
3.Contribute to the promotion of friendship of our respective nations, especially for the youth, through various exchange activities
4.Provide information and assistance for teachers and students for study and/or travel
5.Implement these principles through continual consultation and mutual agreement between the two schools

Eisugakkan Fall Friendship Festival 2017

The JCC is hosting Fall Friendship Festival on Saturday, October 14 (5:30-8:30pm) in honor of our sister school friends who will be visiting us from October 12 to October 16.  The event will feature photo booths, bingo, fire pit, pumpkin carving, etc. Click HERE to sign up to share fall-themed food and to volunteer.  Come and meet some Japanese students who are in an English immersion program in Japan!

Sign up to bring a dish and to volunteer: Click HERE

On Monday, October 16, the six Eisugakkan students will be spending most of the day at GFES.  They will meet some of our immersion students, tour the school, join 6th grade PE and sit in a 6th grade language arts class.  They will depart from school after having lunch with students in the cafeteria.  The JCC is asking for a parent volunteer (preferably someone who speaks Japanese) to escort the kids during thier time at school.  Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer.

Eisugakkan Visit Oct 2016

On October 13-16, the GFES JCC community hosted four Japanese students and two teachers from Eisugakkan.  During that visit, Japanese students stayed with GFES families for three nights, visited the school Friday afternoon, toured the city with host families and attended a JCC-sponsored fall-themed event.  During this visit, GFES and Eisugakkan signed an agreement to expand out sister school relationship and received a collection of Japanese books to add to our library.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to our Fall Fundraising Campaign.  Please know that your donations made all of this possible.

Reminder: GFES-Eisugakkan Fall Friendship Festival

Thanks to the generous contribution by some JIP families, the JCC is able to host a Halloween-themed fall festival potluck event this Saturday from 5pm to 8pm at the McLean Firehouse Teen Center (MAP) in honor of visiting Japanese students from our sister school in Hiroshima, Eisugakkan.

Come and enjoy some games and activities, and bring an American-style fall food to share (chili, macaroni & cheese, Thanksgiving foods, ham, stews, etc…).  We want our Japanese guests to have an experience that they cannot have Japan.  Each dish should be large enough to serve at least 6 people.  The JCC will provide plates, napkins, cutlery and bottled water.  Also, please consider volunteering for an hour or two to help run some of the activities so that everyone can enjoy some fun and games.

Sign Up HERE to join us for a great evening.

Our Sister School is Coming!

Mark October 15, 5pm-8:30pm on your calendars!

Three teachers and four Japanese students from our sister school in Hiroshima, Japan, Eisugakkan, will visit us from October 14th to October 16th.  The students will stay at the homes of our 6th grade students, who in turn will be hosted by Eisugakkan students when they visit Japan next summer.

Eisugakkan students will visit Great Falls ES on Friday, October 13th.  The 6th graders are currently working on a project to plan their entire visit, and the 4th graders are in charge of decorating the room where a small student celebration will be held.  During the visit, Ms. Harper will also be signing a document to renew and enhance our sister school relationship.

On Saturday, October 15 from 5:00pm-8:30pm the JCC will host a social event to welcome our sister school at the McLean Old Firehouse Teen Center.

The JCC will celebrate Eisugakkan’s visit with some good ol’ American fall fun, and is planning an evening full of fall-themed activities and crafts, a “bring your own pumpkin” carving station, popcorn, Halloween costume photo booth, etc.  The JCC is asking some creative parents to volunteer to plan and organize this event.  Interested volunteers, please email us ( to sign up.  Also, if you have any old Halloween costumes to share for the photobooth, please let us know (we need all sizes).

This year is the 10-year anniversary of the Great Falls ES-Eisugakkan sister school relationship, and the JCC hopes to take this opportunity to increase our interaction with them.

Thank you for your help and contribution in making this a successful and memorable evening.