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The JCC is proud to sponsor the Japanese Conversation Club. The Conversation Club is an after school activity that meets once a week from 3:45pm to 4:35pm. At the Conversation Club students will learn Japanese or practice the Japanese that they have been learning. Students will be exposed to new and interesting things about the Japanese culture, including songs, games, toys, anime, etc.
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Sign Up for Japanese Convesation Club

Sign up for Japanese Conversation Club’s Fall 2017 Session!

We will meet Tuesdays (3:30-4:30pm) starting September 19.  This session we will be reviewing  Hiragana and Katakana, singing some new songs, and learning some new vocabulary words and phrases that will be helpful when you travel to Japan!

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J2B 2017: Congratulations GFES!

On May 5, 2017, students from Great Falls ES and Fox Mill ES went head to head in Championship Round of the first annual Junior Japan Bowl Competition.  Each school sent a three-person team to represent thier school in the Level 1 Division (Grades 1-3) and Level 2 Division (Grades 4-6).

GFES Level I J2B Team consisted of:  Eric Loizeau (3), Maya Rodriguez (3) and Sana Rodriguez (1)
GFES Level 2 J2B Team:  Claire Kim (5), Bahiyyeh Aghdasi (5) and Julia Moore (6)

After a heated contests, the Level 1 team took home the championship trohpy and the Level 2 team took home the runner’s up trophy.

Great job everyone!

Conversation Club Spring Session News

We started the Spring Session 2017 of Conversation Club today with four new club members!  We spent most of the time singing to prepare for the upcoming Sakura Matsuri performance (this Saturday!) but after that, we will quickly shift gears to prepare for J2B (Junior Japan Bowl).

Parents, can you please ask your kids to do the following:

  1. If you are attending Saturday’s Matsuri, please review the song “Ai wa Katsu,” which will be performed by the conversation club students
  2. Start studying for the J2B by going to the Study Guides and Quizlets.  A test will be given on April 25th at Conversation Club to determine which 6 GFES finalists will compete on May 5 at Fox Mill ES.  There will be 3 students that make up each team (Gr. 1-3 and Gr. 4-6).  Anyone has a chance to make the team!
  3. We are ordering Team T-Shirts (designed by Claire Kim) to wear during the J2B competition.  Please send your child’s size (measurements HERE) no later than April 14. Costs will be covered by the JCC.

Conversation Club Fall Session Ends on a High Note

The fall session of the Japanese Conversation Club ended on a high note with some students performing at the Japan Carefund Fall Bazaar on November 20, 2016.

Conversation Club will start its winter session in January. The winter session will meet after school on Tuesday, but the location will likely change.  Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet!

In January we will start training interested kids to compete in the Junior Japan Bowl.  Japan Bowl is a national Japanese language competition that is held at the high school level every year.  I have been working with the Japan-America Society to sponsor a Japan Bowl competition between GFES and Fox Mill ES.  Junior Japan Bowl will be held at the Fox Mill Matsuri (Festival) in May 2017.  Training should be a lot of fun, and the winning school gets to take home a trophy!

Japan Care Fund Bazaar

The Japanese Conversation Club has been invited to sing Japanese songs at the annual Japan Care Fund Bazaar, which will take place on Sunday, November 20th at the American Legion Fairfax Post (3939 Oak St. Fairfax, VA  22030).  GFES students will be singing from 12:00-12:15pm.  Japanese goodies, including food and fresh vegetables from Suzuki Farm, will be sold.

For more information and to sign up your child to perform, please visit out sign up sheet HERE.

Songs (music and lyrics) we are learning and will be performing can be found HERE.