Cultural Celebrations
The JCC organizes a handful of classroom parties that celebrate Japanese holidays and festivals in coordination with JIP teachers and room parents. The JCC also prepares a short presentation to inroduce the holiday and its significance as well as a list of activities for the children to enjoy.

Here is a list of Japanese holidays that are often celebrated in the classrooms throughout the year:

Oshogatsu (New Year’s Celebration): January 1
Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day): March 3
Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day): May 5
Tanabata (Star Festival): July 7

Yujo no Niwa-Friendship Garden
The JCC organizes volunteers to help maintain the school’s Japanese Garden:  Yujo no Niwa. This garden has been visited by many Japanese and American dignitaries, including the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe. In April 2015 a cherry blossom tree was planted to commemorate the joint visit by First Lady Michelle Obama and Akie Abe.

Click HERE to find out more about the story behind our beautiful Japanese garden.

After School Activities
The JCC sponsors Japanese-themed after school activities tht are often organized and managed by our volunteers.

Sister School Interaction
The JCC manages the interaction between GFES Japanese immersion program students and students who attend our sister school, Eisugakkan Immersion Program.