Budget Battle 2.0

We just learned today that a decision has to be made by the School Board in January about programs that affect classroom sizes/placement. Language immersion is included in that group. The last Budget Task Force also voted for the cancellation of immersion.

This quick pace of decision making by the School Board is alamring.  Thus, all parents and students who support the program to consider the following actions immediately:

1) Register to speak at the School Board Meeting next Monday, January 30 ASAP. Registration will close soon. https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/citizen-participation Register for the public budget hearing.

2) Contact your School Board member immediately and let him/her know that language immersion should be expanded, not eliminated. Jane Strauss represents schools in the GFES pyramid. Email her at Jane.Strauss@fcps.edu AND call 571-423-1087.

Call the at-large representatives:

Ryan McElveen
Phone: 571-423-1089 E-mail: Ryan.McElveen@fcps.edu

Ilryong Moon
Phone: 571-423-1090 E-mail: ilryong.moon@fcps.edu

Jeanette Hough
Phone: 571-423-1091 E-mail: jhough1@fcps.edu

Calling is preferable!! The only thing you have to say is that you want them to keep language immersion programs.

3) To stay up to date on immersion – join JCC on Facebook HERE and Fairfax FLAGS on Facebook HERE.