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J-LEARN Nov 2016 Meeting

On November 20, 2016 J-LEARN held its monthly meeting to discuss the following issues:

  • Japan Foundation 2015 Survey on Japanese language education
  • FCPS & Japan Friendship Gathering to be hosted by the Embassy of Japan
  • Failure of the Meals Tax and its impact on the FCPS budget and the immersion program
  • Briefing by Alison Malzahn on her conversation with Pat Hynes
  • Briefing by Matthew Dunne of Fairfax FLAGS on the failure of the Meals Tax, shot-term and medium-term strategies to protect FCPS immersion program
  • Our next meeting will be on December 18, 2016

J-LEARN Meeting Notes can be found below: 

J-LEARN Meeting Minutes


Conversation Club Fall Session Ends on a High Note

The fall session of the Japanese Conversation Club ended on a high note with some students performing at the Japan Carefund Fall Bazaar on November 20, 2016.

Conversation Club will start its winter session in January. The winter session will meet after school on Tuesday, but the location will likely change.  Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet!

In January we will start training interested kids to compete in the Junior Japan Bowl.  Japan Bowl is a national Japanese language competition that is held at the high school level every year.  I have been working with the Japan-America Society to sponsor a Japan Bowl competition between GFES and Fox Mill ES.  Junior Japan Bowl will be held at the Fox Mill Matsuri (Festival) in May 2017.  Training should be a lot of fun, and the winning school gets to take home a trophy!